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V. Yuuga / G. Aki / B. Masaya / D. ke-to

Kar'MariA was a short-lived band signed to Matina sublabel Eternal. It was the last somewhat “serious” band of vocalist Yuuga, before he fully developed his outspoken persona.

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  • 2001-03-00 Kar'MariA forms under Matina sublabel Eternal.
  • 2001-05-30 Reset released.
  • 2001-06-10 First live oneman, local anesthesia, is held at Meguro (目黒) ROCKMAYKAN (鹿鳴館). An unknown privilege was freely distributed to attendees.
  • 2001-06-20 THROUGH ALL ETERNITY released.
  • 2001-09-00 Reset 2nd Press released.
  • 2001-09-24 Untitled released.
  • 2001-09-25 Untitled released.
  • 2001-09-26 Maria released.
  • 2001-11-01 Tour, Dear Maria, begins at Takadanobaba (高田馬場) AREA.
  • 2001-11-24 Oneman, Tender Maria, is held at Meguro (目黒) ROCKMAYKAN (鹿鳴館).
  • 2001-11-25 Oneman, Strict Maria, is held at Meguro (目黒) ROCKMAYKAN (鹿鳴館). Kar'MariA makes an important announcement (details unknown―they disbanded on this day, but it seems likely that they would have announced that before the day of the show... perhaps they originally planned a different announcement?).
  • 2001-11-25 Kar'MariA disbands