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Eye for you

V. Lamia / G. Tomoyoshi / G. Yuki / B. Azumi / D. AIKI

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  • 1997-01-26 Eye for you is formed by guitarist Tomoyoshi (伴好) and Niimi Kouji (新美 浩二) in Nagoya (名古屋).
  • 1997-02-00 Garasu no Joukei released.
  • 1997-05-04 「Face of Soleil」 Present MT released.
  • 1997-05-17 1th PRESS Gentei DEMOTAPE Tokuten Haifu VIDEO released.
  • 1997-05-17 Eye for you released.
  • 1997-06-00 Eye for you Tsuika PRESS released.
  • 1997-10-24 Short tour, Revival~Shiroi Fukkatsusai~ (Revival ~白い復活祭~), begins at Yokohama (横浜) 7th AVENUE.
  • 1997-12-16 Black Market 1997 Vol. 2 released.
  • 1997-12-23 The first of a two-day tour final oneman, WHITE Easter, is held at Umeda (梅田) GUILD. (The second day was held in Nagoya (名古屋) some time in 1998.) A photo sticker (first day version) is freely distributed to attendees, as is a demotape.


  • 1998-01-30 Face of Soleil released.
  • 1998-02-25 Aoi Gensou released.
  • 1998-04-06 Twoman versus CANARY is held at Yokohama (横浜) 7th Avenue.
  • 1998-04-11 「Reflect Crime」 released.
  • 1998-04-11 Tour final oneman is held at Nagoya (名古屋) HeartLand.
  • 1998-07-06 Second period Eye for you debuts with their new lineup: the previous vocalist seceded and was replaced by ex-Remage vocalist Lamia; guitarist Shimoji Eiichi (下条 英一) seceded and was replaced with Yuuki (優希); drummer Niimi Kouji (新美 宏二) seceded and was replaced by AIKI; and guitarist Sakai Banko (酒井 伴好) and bassist Yasumi Nao (安見 尚) changed their names to Banko (伴好) and Azumi, respectively.
  • 1998-08-09 「Kan no Naka de Nakisakebu Awaremi no Kodomotachi」 released.
  • 1998-12-00 Seiya ni Sasagu Uruwashi no Sanka released.
  • 1998-12-00 Tour Shinkuukan de Haritsuke ni sareta Tsumibukaki Maigotachi no Wana (真空管で磔にされた罪深き迷子達の罠) begins.
  • 1998-12-30 Eye for you holds their last live at a Soleil sponsored event.
  • 1998-12-30 Eye for you disbands