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V. YAFUMI / G. Kazuki / B. YOUTARO

Mysterious band that was announced with fanfare, but never released anything. Supposedly played “cool music.” Later abandoned VK and renamed to JELLY→ (ゼリ→).

Past members



  • 1994-04-00 DELAY is formed by vocalist YAFUMI and guitarist Kazuki (一輝), after the disbandment of their respective former bands.
  • 1994-04-00 【lineup】 V. YAFUMI / G. Kazuki (一輝) / B. ?


  • 1995-04-00 Drummer KOHHEI joins.
  • 1995-04-00 【lineup】 V. YAFUMI / G. Kazuki (一輝) / B. ? / D. KOHHEI


  • 1996-00-00 DELAY released.
  • 1996-01-00 First live is held at Nagoya (名古屋) HEARTLAND. The band continues at a leisurely pace, playing about 1 show per month at the same venue.
  • 1996-07-00 Then-current bassist (name unknown) secedes.
  • 1996-07-00 【lineup】 V. YAFUMI / G. Kazuki (一輝) / D. KOHHEI
  • 1996-08-00 Guitarist YOUTARO joins. Unnamed support bassist(s) is/are recruited.
  • 1996-08-00 【lineup】 V. YAFUMI / G. Kazuki (一輝) / G. YOUTARO / Support B. ? / D. KOHHEI
  • 1996-09-00 DELAY joins Soleil.
  • 1996-10-00 Guitarist YOUTARO changes position to bassist.
  • 1996-10-00 【lineup】 V. YAFUMI / G. Kazuki (一輝) / B. YOUTARO / D. KOHHEI


  • 1999-00-00 Under the guidance of new producer KIYOHARU (清春) (of KUROYUME (黒夢)~SADS fame), DELAY moves activities to Tokyo (東京), and renames to JELLY→ (ゼリ→) (as chosen by KIYOHARU (清春)). The band members also change their names at this time, and eschew their visual kei roots for a punkish style. (The new band name is said to refer to their style, “which is formless, like jelly”―and also to sexual lubricant. Keeping with the theme, the band's first demotape includes a condom, and the members play nude at their re-debut concert.)
  • 1999-00-00 【lineup】 V. Yafumi (ヤフミ) / G. Kazuki (カズキ) / B. Youtaro (ユータロー) / D. Kohei (コーヘイ)
  • 1999-11-00 JELLY→ (ゼリ→) joins EMI and goes major.


  • 2000-01-00 Fanclub ROCKERS opens.


  • 2002-01-00 JELLY→ (ゼリ→) changes their name to Jelly→.
  • 2002-05-00 Jelly→ transfers labels to AOZORA RECORDS.
  • 2002-06-00 Jelly→ pauses activities
  • 2002-06-00 During a live, vocalist Yafumi suffers a major fall and fractures both of his legs. Jelly→ cancels their remaining lives and pauses activities. At the same time, AOZORA RECORDS terminates their contract with the band and closes the band's fanclub, ROCKERS. Jelly→ reverts to indie status.


  • 2004-00-00 Jelly→ revives, under their own independent label, VELVET SNOOZER.


  • 2007-00-00 Jelly→ once again goes major, this time under AMUSE SOFT ENTERTAINMENT (アミューズソフトエンタテインメント).
  • 2007-06-23 Fanclub ROCKERS reopens.


  • 2008-11-16 On November 16, drummer KOHHEI (who at that point has a wife and two young daughters of his own), is arrested under suspicion of having performed indecent acts on a 9-year-old girl. Jelly→ immediately kicks him out of the band. (In February 2009, KOHHEI was found guilty, and was sentenced to around 8 years in prison. It seems he was also ordered to pay 2,000,000 yen to the family.)
  • 2008-11-22 As the result of various discussions with staff, Jelly→ disbands via an announcement on their website. Their upcoming fanclub-only events, planned for November 24 and December 7, are cancelled.
  • 2008-11-22 Jelly→ disbands