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We did it! At least 50 tickets had to be sold by December 24th or the live stream would have been cancelled. It seemed impossible but, finally, the 50th ticket was sold! Thanks to everyone's hard work, Kansai Seiatsu 2011~2012 will be streamed!

What's Kansai Seiatsu 2011~2012?

Kansai Seiatsu 2011~2012 is the latest entry in UNDER CODE's long-running 制圧 (Seiatsu; “to take over/suppress”) series. Every year since 2003, the entire UNDER CODE family has packed its bags and traveled to different areas to “suppress” them by holding a while live event. And this time, UNDER CODE has decided to return to its roots and conquer its hometown of 関西 (Kansai).

This year's Seiatsu live is a New Year countdown event. Feautring all active UNDER CODE bands, several of the label's most popular session bands, and a handful of Kansai's brightest non-UNDER CODE bands, this event will have one of the best lineups in recent years. The bands will play all night—starting December 31st and ending on January 1st—to bring in the New Year in a wild way and take over Kansai.

WE LOVE UNDER CODE had the idea of streaming this event online, and so it, along with the help of other fan teams, contacted KISAKI, UNDER CODE, and EnTicket over and over, telling them of the interest in such a live stream—and they listened! EnTicket and UNDER CODE have collaborated to stream the event, in its ~10 hour entirety, online for the world to see. To watch the live stream, all you need to do is purchase a ticket. Tickets are available via PayPal, and instructions are below.


The live stream will start at approximately 4:50 pm JST.
  • バラッド (BALLAD)
  • Vallquar
  • Xenon
  • 2ndDyz
  • paradeis
  • Cu[be]
  • Vior gloire
  • 朱 (SUZAKU)
  • 罪団法人黒十字2011
  • REALies
  • シンディケイト (CindyKate)
  • NEGA
  • Dali
  • 凛 -the end of corruption world- (LIN) (countdown)
  • Megaromania
  • アイドル (IDOL)
  • Large session

Bands are listed in order of appearance. Listed times are in JST (Japan Standard Time) and approximate. ※ Non-UNDER CODE bands will not be streamed due to contract restrictions.

Time conversions

The live stream is set to begin at 4:50 pm, Japan Standard Time, on December 31st. Time conversions for several common countries are shown below. Because of Daylight Savings Time, etc., these times are not guaranteed to be accurate.

CountryTime zoneStart date/time
JapanJST (GMT+9)December 31st (Sat), 4:50 PM
USA (East)EST (GMT-5)December 31st (Sat), 2:50 AM
USA (West)PST (GMT-8)December 30th (Fri), 11:50 PM
UKGMTDecember 31st (Sat), 7:50 AM
GermanyCET (GMT+1)December 31st (Sat), 8:50 AM
FranceCET (GMT+1)December 31st (Sat), 8:50 AM
SingaporeSGT (GMT+8)December 31st (Sat), 3:50 PM

How to buy a tickets

Ticket pre-sales ended on December 24th. General sales have begun as of December 29th.
  1. Register with EnTicket On that page, fill out the fields as follows (top to bottom), and then click the big orange button to proceed.
    ▶ username
    ▶ email address
    ▶ password
    ▶ password (again)
    ▶ hometown (leave the default selection)
    ▶ favorite genre (leave the default selection)
    ▶ gender (left is male, right is female)
    ▶ date of birth (YYYY MM DD)
    ▶ favorite artist (UNDER CODE, LIN, etc.)

  2. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email. Click the link in that email to activate your account.

  3. Buy a ticket
    Pre-sales have ended and general sales have begun (please note that the link to general sales is different). General sales are limited to 50 tickets at 1,700 yen each, and will end in less than a day.
    Head to the page linked above and click the big orange button (which looks like a ticket stub) to buy a ticket.

  4. If you are prompted to log in, do so. You should see a ticket purchase page. Fill in the fields as follows (top to bottom), and then click the orange button to proceed.
    ▶ number of tickets (1)
    ▶ payment type (select PayPal)
    ▶ favorite artist (UNDER CODE)
    You will then be taken to the PayPal page to confirm the purchase.

  5. View your ticket PDF
    If you purchased a general sale ticket, your PDF may not be available until general sales have ended (December 30th).
    If you are prompted to log in, do so. Afterward, click the coupons tab to view the ticket(s) you purchased. You should see a button beside your ticket. Click that button and view the ticket PDF.

  6. Enter the live stream On December 31st, access the link provided in the PDF (probably or something similar). Enter your ticket ID (the ID is a string of letters/numbers that can be found in the ticket PDF, in a box in the upper right corner) and your email address, then click the orange button to continue.

  7. And that should be it—enjoy!!
    If you need help, please try one of the options below:
    • If you're confused about a step, please try following EnTicket's own English guide here.
    • If you encounter an error, please email EnTicket support right away at (include your username and email).
    • You can also contact EnTicket via their twitter, @EnTicket.
    • You can contact me and I'll help you to the best of my abilities: email me at weloveucp AT or talk to me on twitter at @we_love_ucp.